what to do if the wire in your braces bends

If you’re one of the millions of people who wear ⁤braces, you may eventually encounter a situation where the wire in ⁣your braces bends. It can happen due to various reasons, such ⁣as eating hard or ⁣sticky foods, accidental knocks, or even normal wear​ and tear.

When this happens, it’s essential‍ to take proper steps ‌to address the issue promptly.

In this article,​ we’ll guide ⁢you⁤ through what to do if ⁤the wire in your braces bends, ensuring your comfort and maintaining the effectiveness of your⁤ orthodontic treatment.

Assess the situation

The first thing you should do⁣ if you ‍notice a bent wire in your braces is to assess the severity of the problem. ‍If the wire is only slightly bent and not ⁤causing any discomfort, it may be manageable until your next orthodontic appointment. However, if ‌the wire is poking or causing soreness, it’s⁣ crucial to ⁣take action.

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Temporary relief

To quickly alleviate any discomfort caused by⁣ a bending wire, you can try a few temporary measures. Firstly, you can gently push the wire back into place using a cotton‍ swab or the eraser end of ⁢a ⁢pencil.

If this doesn’t work, you can cover the sharp edge of the wire with orthodontic wax. Simply remove a​ small piece​ of wax,​ soften it ⁢between your ⁤fingers, and apply it to the rough wire. The wax will act as a cushion and prevent further irritation.

Contact your orthodontist

While temporary solutions can provide relief, ‍it’s‍ essential to contact⁢ your orthodontist ​as soon as possible to resolve the ⁣issue permanently. Your orthodontist will guide you based on the severity of the bend.

In some cases, they​ may recommend booking⁤ an​ immediate appointment for ⁤a⁤ necessary adjustment. If the bend is minor, they⁤ may‌ advise you to wait until your next scheduled ​visit. Never attempt to fix the wire yourself without proper guidance from your orthodontist, as you could ⁣cause further damage.

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Prevention is always ⁣better than cure, so it’s helpful to know how to minimize the chances of wire bending in the future. Firstly, avoid eating hard⁢ or crunchy foods​ that can exert excessive pressure on your braces. Sticky foods should also be avoided, as they can ‌potentially stick to and ‍bend the wire.‌

Additionally, be mindful of your oral habits, such​ as biting your nails or using⁣ your teeth to open packages. Breaking these habits can help ⁣prevent wire bending and ensure a smooth and effective⁢ orthodontic journey.


Encountering a bent wire in your braces‍ can be an⁢ uncomfortable experience, but knowing the appropriate⁤ steps to take can make a significant ‍difference.

Remember to assess the severity of the bend,⁣ find temporary ⁢relief using orthodontic wax, and most ⁤importantly, contact your orthodontist⁤ for professional guidance. ⁣

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By following these measures and adopting preventive practices, you can navigate through bent‍ wires ‌and maintain the ⁢progress of your orthodontic treatment.

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