what to do if your dad hits you

Discovering that your dad has‌ hit or has been physically abusive towards you can be an incredibly distressing and​ frightening experience. It ​is essential ⁣to remember that violence of any kind is never acceptable, and you have the right to feel safe and protected.

This article aims to provide you with practical steps to take, resources available for help,​ and guidance during this challenging time.

Ensure Your Safety and Well-being:

Your immediate⁣ safety is ⁤paramount. If you are in immediate danger or fear for your life, call emergency services right away. If possible, find a safe place to retreat ‌to, such as a locked room, and contact someone ⁢you trust for support.

Reach Out to a Trusted Adult:

Speaking with ⁤a‌ trusted adult, such‌ as another family member, teacher, counselor, or neighbor, can provide you with emotional support and a different perspective. They can​ help guide you through the right steps⁣ to take and offer comfort during a difficult time.

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Report the Abuse:

Contact ​the authorities, such as your local police department ​or child protective services, to report the abuse. Remember, reporting the incident ‍is crucial,⁢ as it helps ensure your safety and can prevent further harm to yourself or others. They are equipped to investigate and‌ intervene​ in situations involving abuse.

⁢Seek Legal Advice:

While ‌reporting the‍ abuse⁤ is essential, seeking legal counsel can provide you with ⁢the guidance you need to‍ protect yourself⁣ legally. Consult‍ a lawyer ⁣who specializes in family law or child protection to understand your rights and explore legal avenues available for ‍your protection.

Reach Out to Support Organizations:

Several organizations are devoted to helping individuals facing domestic violence or abuse. Organizations such as the National Domestic‍ Violence Hotline or Childhelp ‍offer ⁣resources and trained professionals to offer support, assistance, and guidance.

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Talk to⁤ a Counselor ‌or Therapist:

Professional counseling or therapy⁢ can provide you with a safe space ⁤to express your thoughts and‌ emotions, helping you process the traumatic ⁤experience. Therapists can equip you with coping mechanisms to deal with any ⁣psychological or emotional effects caused by the abuse.

Develop a Safety Plan:

Creating ‌a safety plan is crucial if you find yourself in a ⁤dangerous situation. ‍This plan should outline ‌steps to take when confronted with violence,⁣ such as when and where to ⁤seek help, trusted individuals to contact, and a predefined escape route.


Experiencing abuse from anyone, including one’s own‌ father,‍ is a deeply troubling and⁣ traumatic⁤ situation. Remember, ⁣you⁢ are not alone, and there is help and support available. By taking the steps outlined ‍in this article, reaching out to ⁣trusted adults, seeking legal advice, and ⁣utilizing appropriate resources,⁢ you can begin the journey to safety, healing, and a brighter future.

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You deserve a life free from‌ violence, and by seeking assistance, you can empower ⁤yourself to break the cycle⁤ of abuse and begin the process of healing.


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