what to do if you have a fta warrant

What is an FTA Warrant?

An FTA warrant is issued by a court when an individual fails to appear for a scheduled court date. This can happen for various reasons, such as forgetting about the court date, misunderstandings, or other circumstances. When an FTA warrant is issued, it means that law enforcement can arrest the individual and bring them to court to address the missed court appearance.

Steps to Take If You Have an FTA Warrant:

1. Contact an Attorney: If you have an FTA warrant, it’s essential to seek legal advice from an attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand your options, navigate the legal process, and potentially negotiate a resolution with the court.

2. Check the Court’s Website: Look up your case information on the court’s website to find out details about the warrant, including the court date you missed, the charges against you, and any upcoming court dates.

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3. Surrender Yourself: If you have an FTA warrant, it’s best to surrender yourself to law enforcement rather than wait to be arrested. By voluntarily turning yourself in, you demonstrate to the court that you are taking responsibility for your actions, which can work in your favor during the legal process.

4. Attend Court Hearings: Once you have surrendered yourself, attend all court hearings as scheduled. Be prepared to present any relevant information or documentation to support your case.

Benefits of Addressing an FTA Warrant:

Addressing an FTA warrant promptly has several benefits, including:

– Avoiding Arrest: By surrendering yourself voluntarily, you can avoid the stress and potential embarrassment of being arrested by law enforcement.

– Resolving the Issue: Addressing the FTA warrant allows you to resolve the underlying legal issue and potentially negotiate a favorable outcome with the court.

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– Clearing Your Record: Once you address the FTA warrant, you can work towards clearing your record and moving forward without the shadow of a warrant hanging over you.

Practical Tips for Dealing with an FTA Warrant:

– Stay Calm: It’s natural to feel anxious or worried if you have an FTA warrant, but it’s essential to stay calm and approach the situation with a clear mind.

– Seek Legal Advice: Consult with an experienced attorney who can provide you with guidance and support throughout the legal process.

– Follow Court Instructions: Be sure to follow all instructions from the court, attend all hearings as scheduled, and comply with any requirements or conditions set by the court.


Addressing an FTA warrant can be a challenging experience, but by taking the necessary steps and seeking legal advice, you can navigate the process effectively and work toward a resolution. Remember to stay calm, seek support from an attorney, and comply with court instructions to address the FTA warrant and move forward with confidence.

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By following the advice outlined in this guide, you can take control of the situation and work towards resolving the FTA warrant in a timely and efficient manner.


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