what to do if earring posts are too thick

Understanding ⁣the Issue

When it comes to accessorizing, earrings play a significant role in ​completing a look. However, sometimes you may encounter a common ⁤issue where the​ earring posts are too thick for your piercings. This can be ‍frustrating, especially if ⁤you’ve fallen in love with a pair of earrings that just won’t fit comfortably.

But ⁢fret not! In this comprehensive guide,​ we’ll explore what ‌to do if earring posts are too thick, providing you with practical solutions to ensure you can wear your favorite earrings with ease.

The standard gauge ⁤for earring posts ‍is typically around 20-22, but some earrings may come with⁣ thicker posts, such as 18 or even 16 gauge. This can be problematic for individuals with smaller or more delicate piercings, causing discomfort and difficulty in inserting the earrings.

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What to⁢ Do If Earring Posts Are Too Thick

1. Stretching‌ Your ⁢Earlobe: One solution is to gradually stretch your earlobe to accommodate thicker earring posts. You can do this by wearing progressively larger earrings‌ or using tapers specifically designed for stretching piercings.

2. Using Earring Backs: Another​ option is to use ‌earring backs with wider openings to compensate for the thicker posts. This can help stabilize the earring and ⁣prevent it from slipping‍ out ​of your ear.

3. Seeking Professional Help: ⁢If stretching‍ your earlobe or using earring backs doesn’t ⁣work, consider visiting a​ professional piercer.⁢ They can provide⁢ expert advice ⁣and assistance in resolving the issue, whether through stretching techniques or ‌customizing earring ⁢posts to fit your piercings.

Benefits and Practical Tips

– ⁤By addressing the issue of thick ⁢earring posts, you can enhance​ your comfort and confidence while wearing earrings.

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– Experiment with⁣ different earring ⁢styles and designs to ​find ones that complement your piercings.

– Stay informed about new trends in earring posts and materials​ to ensure ⁤a seamless and enjoyable accessorizing experience.


Dealing with earring posts that⁤ are ⁣too thick doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding​ the issue and exploring practical solutions, you can enjoy wearing your favorite earrings without any discomfort. Whether it’s stretching your earlobe, ​using earring backs, or seeking professional help, there are ways to ensure your earrings fit perfectly and look fabulous.

Remember, accessorizing should be fun⁣ and effortless, so don’t let thick earring posts hold you ⁤back from expressing ​your ​unique sense of style.

In conclusion, when faced with the challenge of thick earring posts, be proactive in finding a solution that works best for ⁢you. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can overcome this obstacle and continue ‌elevating ⁢your fashion game⁤ with the perfect pair of earrings.


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