what to do if a snow plow hits your mailbox

With the winter‌ season in⁤ full⁢ swing, snow plows are a common sight on the roads, working tirelessly to clear away‌ snow and make the streets safe for travel. However, despite their important role in keeping roads clear, snow plows can sometimes cause​ unintended damage, such as hitting mailboxes along their route.

If you find ⁣yourself ‌in the unfortunate situation of having your mailbox hit by a snow plow, don’t worry -⁢ there are ​steps you can take to address the issue⁢ and ensure your mailbox is repaired or replaced promptly.

Assess the Damage

The first step you should ⁢take after discovering that a snow plow has hit ⁤your mailbox is to assess the extent of the damage.‌ Check to see if ‌the mailbox is still functional or if it has been completely destroyed. Take note of any ‌damage to the post or surrounding area as well. This⁢ information will be helpful when you contact the responsible party to report the incident.

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Contact the Snow Plow Operator

Once you have‍ assessed the damage, your next step should be to contact the operator of ⁣the snow plow that​ hit your mailbox. If​ you are able to, try to get the contact ‍information of the operator or the company they work for. Politely explain the ⁣situation and provide any relevant details, such as the location​ of your mailbox and the extent of the damage. Most snow plow operators are insured ‍and ‍may ⁢be able ⁣to compensate you for the cost ⁢of ⁤repairing or replacing your mailbox.

File a Claim

If the snow⁣ plow ⁢operator is unable or unwilling to cover the⁤ cost of repairing or replacing your mailbox, you may need⁢ to ‍file a claim with your homeowners’ insurance provider. Contact your insurance company ​to​ report‍ the incident and provide​ them with any documentation they may require, such as photos of the damage or estimates for⁤ repair⁤ costs. Your​ insurance policy may cover damage caused by snow plows, depending on⁤ the specifics of your coverage.

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Repair or Replace‍ Your Mailbox

Once you have⁤ taken⁢ the necessary⁢ steps ‌to address the damage caused by the snow plow, it’s time to repair or replace your mailbox. If ‌the damage is minimal, you may be able to fix it yourself with some basic tools and materials. However, if the mailbox is⁣ beyond repair, consider purchasing a new ⁤mailbox and post to ensure that ⁣your mail can be delivered safely.


While having your mailbox hit by a snow plow can be frustrating, it’s important to stay calm and take the necessary steps to address the situation.

By assessing​ the damage, contacting the snow plow operator, filing a claim if​ necessary, and repairing⁤ or replacing your mailbox, you can ensure that your mail continues to be delivered without interruption. ⁢Remember to document the incident and keep records of any ‌communication or expenses related to⁣ the damage caused ⁤by the ⁢snow⁤ plow.

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In⁣ conclusion, if a snow plow hits ​your mailbox, ‍don’t‍ panic – follow the steps outlined in ‍this article to resolve the issue and get your mailbox back in working order. Stay informed,⁢ communicate with the relevant parties, ‍and take ‍action to ensure that your mailbox is repaired or replaced promptly.

With these tips in mind, you can navigate the aftermath of a⁤ snow plow incident with confidence and minimal stress.



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