what to do if a roofer does a bad job

Assess the Situation and Document the Problems

After the roofer has completed their work, take the time to thoroughly inspect the quality of their job. Make a detailed list of all the visible issues, taking photographs or videos as evidence. This documentation will be crucial for conveying your concerns to the contractor and providing evidence if further actions are required.

Communicate with the Roofer

Reach out to the roofer promptly, expressing your dissatisfaction with their work. It is essential to maintain a calm and professional demeanor during these conversations. Explain the specific issues and provide all the evidence you have gathered. Clearly express your expectations of what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

Request a Re-inspection

Ask the roofer to revisit your property and conduct an inspection of their work alongside you. This will give them an opportunity to see and understand the concerns firsthand. Be present during the inspection and encourage open communication to ensure any misunderstandings are resolved promptly.

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Understand Your Contract​ and Warranty

Review the contract you signed with the roofer to understand the warranty or guarantee they have offered. Look for provisions that address potential issues or disputes. This information will help you determine the next steps for resolving the situation.

Seek a Second Opinion

If you have doubts about the roofer’s response, consider getting a second opinion from an independent roofing professional. This additional perspective can validate your concerns and provide extra evidence should you proceed with further actions.

File a Complaint

If all attempts to resolve the issue with the roofer fail, consider filing a complaint with relevant authorities, such as local building or contractor licensing boards. Provide all evidence, documentation, and correspondence to support your claim. This can prompt an investigation into the roofer’s practices and protect others from having a similar experience.

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Document Expenses and Seek Legal Advice

In cases where the roofer’s bad job resulted in damage or additional expenses, keep track of all costs incurred due to their negligence. Consult with an attorney specializing in construction law to understand your rights and options. Their expertise can guide you through the legal process if necessary.


Encountering a roofer who does a poor job can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can address the issue effectively. By assessing the situation, communicating your concerns, and understanding your contract and warranty, you can set the stage for a resolution. Seeking a second opinion, filing a complaint when needed, and documenting expenses are essential steps to protect your rights.

Remember, a bad job should not define your roofing experience—take action to ensure your home is safe and well-maintained.


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